Let Freddy speak for all of us…

No, not Mercury – Nietzsche. And yes, I know – now – that his first name should be “Friederich”, but I figure I generally have a 90% chance of misspelling his name no matter how hard I try.

2015-02-06 20.55.13


Anyway, I think anyone who has ever been in love can understand this sentiment. Who among us has not said or done something completely ridiculous in the hopes of getting another person to pay attention to us? Such deeds are those upon which Valentine’s Day is truly built.

Have a very verminy Valentine’s Day!

This was actually the first quotation that came to mind when I decided to do this project.

2015-02-03 21.10.02


The H and the B came to me as I was about to fall asleep – I literally got up out of bed, grabbed a marker, and drew them out so I wouldn’t forget. The first couple of drafts of this were in italic and were bizarrely over-flourished in some deranged attempt to… to do something. I’m not sure about how I rendered the attribution, but at this point it was too late in the evening to start over. Again.

Release the Valentines!

I’ve never been a big fan of Valentine’s Day, but I thought it couldn’t hurt to put my calligraphy skills to work during this season. So I went to the art supply store, bought a bunch of tubes of various pink gouaches, and then browsed through my quote archives for some good words that reflect how I feel during this time of year. I figure this’ll keep me busy for two weeks or so…

Expectation 2015-02-02 21.26.46