Riddle Me This…

I’ve always enjoyed riddles, probably since I read The Dark Tower series by Stephen King. There’s a key section in the fourth book where a psychotic monorail forces the protagonists to answer riddles in order to save their own lives. Classic evil AI strategy, really.

When I was teaching EFL I would sometimes use riddles on higher-level students to show creative uses of the language. It was good fun, really – for me at least.

So it should be no surprise that I would use riddles as calligraphy practice. Enjoy these!

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Write All the Names!!

Yesterday I did a very silly thing – I posted on Facebook to see who would want their name done up all pretty-like from the people I know. I also asked them to pick a number from 1 to 6, which would (unbeknownst to them) determine the script that was used.

The response was great, and carried over into Sunday as well.


Some people chose their own names, or nicknames, or kids’ names, but I certainly had a lot to work with. In addition, it made me work more with all the scripts I have at my disposal, including the notoriously twitchy Romans. Lotsa Romans in there…

Anyway, it’s not something I would do every weekend, but it was good to try out.


Je Suis Charlie

2015-01-08 20.40.33

My work is about as non-controversial as it gets without being about babies dressed up as kittens (and I’m sure PETA would somehow find a way to object to that). Nevertheless, I wanted to add my voice to the millions that have already sprung up against those who think that the best way to silence ideas you don’t like is to murder the people who are voicing them. As we can see, all that does is allow those ideas to spread.

I don’t know if a lot of people outside of France knew about Charlie Hebdo before this incident – I sure didn’t – but we sure as hell do now. Whatever these fanatics were trying to accomplish, they failed.

Project for Mom

I did this a while ago as a gift for my mother. She asked for that quotation and I was happy to oblige.


I’ve made a couple of changes in my uncial since then, but I still like how this came out. It went through a long and complicated process to get right, and just getting it framed was a weird challenge in itself, but I enjoyed it as a first Project.

I look forward to seeing it on the wall next time I’m back in the States.

2015 Calligraphic Resolutions

When you make resolutions, it’s good for them to be specific and achievable – something you can say either “Yes, I’ve done that” or “No, I haven’t done that.” So here are my resolutions with regards to calligraphy for this year. I’m limiting myself to five scripts – three that I consider myself not terribly incompetent at, and two that I’m really just starting. Without further ado…

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