Consistency practice – Minimum

2015-01-11 09.33.17


Over on Reddit, we’re doing a little consistency challenge to practice that which all calligraphers need, and I thought I would pick the lowest-hanging fruit I could and do this word.

“Minimum” is kind of a shibboleth amongst people learning calligraphy, as it is a word which, in many scripts, requires very similar strokes for all the letters involved. It’s great for practicing spacing and letter shapes, which we all need from time to time.

I did this in Textura Quadrata so that I could practice my “diamonds” – the start and end of each vertical stroke. Some of them look good, some of them less so. My goal, of course, is for them all to one day look good. I also learned that over-loading your pen with ink will definitely affect the spacing. You can see on the fourth line, second word that the m is very heavy, and that pushed the word out of alignment.

So, there is work to be done, but I like how this turned out. I also did an Italic practice sheet, using color as an inspiration:

2015-01-09 21.11.19


I’m actually quite pleased with how this came out, lack of a yellow ink notwithstanding. The spacing worked, thanks to the guidesheet I used – the next challenge will have to be doing this without vertical guidelines to rely on – and it is pretty consistent overall. The ks need a little work, though. Hmm.

What made me happiest, though, was when I walked past the sheet later and saw it upside-down:

2015-01-09 21.54.28


My first thought was, “Hey – I didn’t write any hs…” That’s a good practice sheet right there.

Anyway, this was a good exercise, and I’ll have to do more of them in other scripts as time allows.