About Me

This is a place for me to put up my work for all to see, as well as a place where I can kind of work through what it is I’m doing – challenges, triumphs, and all the frustration that comes with learning calligraphy. I hope you can learn something, and I love to hear input from people who know more than I do about this kind of thing. I’ve been doing calligraphy in earnest since about March of 2014, so I’m still new to this.

I am incredibly indebted to the Calligraphy subreddit and cannot recommend the people there enough. If you’re interested in learning, sign up on Reddit and join us there!

As I go, I’ll try to include information about inks and nibs and paper and such, as that is all part of the process. If you have any questions, let me know and I’ll give the best answer I have!

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