Calligraphy in 2015

Now that the year is fully and finally over, we can take a look back at the things we did in calligraphy in 2015. And what a busy year it turned out to be!


2015-12-31 20.27.08

From another angle, all piled up, it looks like I’m going to have to get a bigger box.

2015-12-31 20.40.17


Not too bad! Now, is it all quality work? Of course not. I’d say at least half of it is things I knocked off in an evening, just so that I could look at my tools in the eye and say I did something. But the other half, while not exactly museum-quality, is work that I could show off and be reasonably pleased with.

Aside from being a nice way to look back on the progress I’ve made in the past year – and I have – it’s also a nice way to look back at some of the events of the year. I can look at a piece and recall the context in which it was made. So even though I don’t really do the whole diary-writing thing, this is a kind of diary in its own way.

A few highlights:

Valentine - Conan the BarbarianThis was my winning entry in the r/calligraphy Spring Contest. Where it remained until Halloween.Who doesn't love Pi?Princess Bride 01Amazing Race RiddleWalter BluntJoke - MandelbrotWil Wheaton 01Star Wars 18Quotation - The Crow 03Victor Von Doombot 01Mel Brooks 02Peter Serafinowicz 01Leonard Nimoy 01Kids in the Hall 02Bob Ross 01

There’s a lot more. A lot more. But I think these few are some of the more entertaining ones I did this year, and I look forward to bettering myself in 2016. Calligraphy-wise, anyway. Other aspects of myself might deteriorate wildly, but not this. I hope.

Enjoy the new year!

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