Angels and Demons

I do sometimes enjoy organized lists of things, and I’ve had these in my Evernote for a while now.

So there’s the Kabbalah, a Jewish mystical tradition, to which I was introduced through Alan Moore’s utterly amazing series Promethea. One large part of it is the organization of the spiritual world through a “Tree of Life” known as the Sephiroth which depicts the ten celestial spheres which surpass this poor, mortal world. Within the Kabbalistic traditions, each of these ten worlds is highly detailed in many ways, and each one is governed by an angel. So I decided to write them out.

Angel 01 - Metatron Angel 02 - Raziel Angel 03 - Tzaphkiel Angel 04 - Tzadquiel Angel 05 - Kamael Angel 06 - Raphael Angel 07 - Haniel Angel 08 - Michael Angel 09 - Gabriel Angel 10 - Sandalphon


Now because the Kabbalah is big on organization, it should go without saying that where there is a map of God’s creation of the spiritual universe, there must also be the opposite – a shadow map of sorts that describes the inverse of what God wants for Creation. Enter the Qliphoth – the Tree of Husks which represent our obstacles to God, and each of these ten worlds is ruled by a demon. So I wrote those out as well…

Demon 01 - Satan Demon 02 - Beelzebub Demon 03 - Lucifuge Demon 04 - Astaroth Demon 05 - Asmodeus Demon 06 - Belphegor Demon 07 - Baal Demon 08 - Adramelech Demon 09 - Lilith Demon 10 - Nehema


So there we go – some interesting names and titles and a whole metaphysical universal superstructure barely appreciated even a bit. I fully expect to see some annoyed people in the comments, so remember – it’s all in fun. Enjoy!

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