Calligraphy in the Public Eye

Recently, there has been some notice about the resurgence of calligraphy, or at least its recent rise here on the Internet. With more and more outlets to show our art (most notably Instagram and DeviantArt) as well as places to just get together and learn from each other (such as Reddit), there have been an increasing number of calligraphers who have decided to put not only their finished works but their process and practice out for the world to see.

Here are a couple of high-profile articles that have helped draw attention to calligraphy online:

The New Yorker: The Calligraphy Stars of Instagram

The BBC: How Video Saved the Calligraphy Star

I hope that this trend continues, if only so that more people can get into this hobby. It’s creative, doesn’t require a huge investment to start, and while it’s easy to get the hang of, it’s something you can spend a lifetime refining and mastering. With more and more excellent examples to learn from, I hope to see more and more people taking up the pen and writing words that make them happy.

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