2015 Calligraphic Resolutions

When you make resolutions, it’s good for them to be specific and achievable – something you can say either “Yes, I’ve done that” or “No, I haven’t done that.” So here are my resolutions with regards to calligraphy for this year. I’m limiting myself to five scripts – three that I consider myself not terribly incompetent at, and two that I’m really just starting. Without further ado…

Resolutions 01 - Uncial

Uncial was the first script I really got the hang of, but it doesn’t mean it’s one that I am wholly set with. There is always room for improvement.

Resolutions 03 - Quadrata

I’m generally okay with this script as well, even though it’s not quite in line with historical examples that are out there. This is one of those scripts where you kind of have to choose between historical accuracy and readability – classic Textura Quadrata can, despite its beauty, be a challenge to read. Being in Latin doesn’t usually help.

Resolutions 02 - Italic

Yes, I am aware that I misspelled “consistency” twice. At least my misspellings are consistent.

Anyway, italic is the script that I most recently started to get the hang of, which means it probably needs the most work.

Resolutions 04 - Spencerian

I’ve been working through the Spencerian workbooks, and it’s a bit of a challenge. Part of that challenge is the “muscular movement” that people talk about, which I’m pretty sure refers to writing with the use of your arm muscles more than with your fingers. It’s tricky, though – that’s not how I’m used to writing.

Resolutions 05 - Romans

Romans are the script that seems like it should be the easiest, yet it gives people more grief than most. It’s all down to proportions and spacing, both of which make this a rather finicky hand. Getting the hang of it, though, pays off with other scripts…

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